The pearly clouds meets every morning with the shine from the sunlight they get brighter as they keep moving yet they are very polite...   They move in groups from locus to locus yet they never ever quarrel these clouds have no wide borders and are living in neutral...   The dark clouds were cloaking … Continue reading THE CLOUDS CONFERENCE


Don’t Let The Darkness To Capture You

Never been a much of positive person to myself overwhelmed with the negative thoughts most times I've let myself as a hostile to the Lord darkness afraid to come out while lacking boldness.... I let myself to be deficient in presuming self-motivation I let myself to be in need of inner strength I let myself … Continue reading Don’t Let The Darkness To Capture You


A peaceful person to share our love calms our mind just by staring at us Every night she comes out and stands above shines her joy of the light on us... Throughout the month she fall and rise teaching us the way of our life we fall like her through the darkest times And rise … Continue reading MOON