Live With Love

Heart asked brain,

will you ever love me back like I’ve loved you

Brain replied,

I will and I had loved you always

I’ll be standing next you in the line of death, holding the memories we had together

Heart asked,

What about the place we lived?

Brain happily said,

Oh! I asked that place to stop you from hurting and let her go free, 

And guess what! that place going to let you be free and I too will join you…

 Heart questioned,

so what will happen to that place now?

Brain replied,

Don’t you worry about it, that place is going to destroy itself for us.

Both the brain and heart watched the young newly constructed place burning down.

At last, both muttered that place is a coward to do this

and they started to walk away.

Live with love, don’t hate you for anything. Everything happens for a reason and If you have a problem face it and learn from it, suicide is not a solution, It’s a sin. Love yourself and let your life be filled with love and happiness”

A.N: The above writing is just an imagination of the dialogue between heart and brain happening when a human decided to die by suicide and did it.



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