From Italy to Greek

She was jubilant to see her father after four years of serving the military.

Scarlet, She was the daughter of Romeo, and her mom name was Juliet.Scarlet was one of the finest fashion designers in London.After her dad had come, she threw a big party on that Friday evening.

She invited many VIP’s and as usual like all would invite, but she also had a surprise to her father.So all people she asked were at that party. Her father noticed that scarlet concentration is not at the party but the entrance of the party place.He walked up to her and said “Scarlet the people are waiting there for u come, let’s go there”…and he just grabbed her hand and took her to the stage. She doesn’t like what her father did at that place, but she hides it inside with a perfectly fake smile.

She asked everybody to raise their glasses.

I’m going to make a toast on this momentous occasion said, Scarlet.

Because of this man, I’m at this place now, standing in front of all you great people. He helped me to become one of the top most fashion designers in this country today. Without him, I’d stumbled and may have been worst, but he gave me a hand and lifted me up to this level. And now it is the best moment to thank him and at this time I thanking my husband who stood by me at my hardest time, Mr. Anthony, everybody.

By hearing this, her father was shocked, and his face turned red with little burning fire in his eyes. Suddenly he fainted and fell onto the ground where Julio Ceaser catches him from behind before he hits the ground. Then his wife Cleopatra called 911, and the ambulance came within five minutes and took him to the hospital.

With Romeo, j.ceaser and Cleopatra went to the hospital, and scarlet and Anthony arrived after few minutes they reached.

Doctor Brutus came out of the room and said Romeo is alright; there is nothing to worry about him. He is now given a sedative, better not to disturb him for a while. Then Brutus went to his room. With tears, scarlet saw his father lying on the bed with the oxygen mask on him. Anthony tried to comfort her.

Now Ceaser went to buy coffee for the three of them.

While Anthony comforting scarlet, Cleopatra gave him a mischievous smile and left the place. Anthony excused himself from scarlet and followed Cleopatra all along.

Within a fraction of a second, someone grabbed him, and it was Brutus who caught Anthony.

Brutus said “look Cleopatra told me everything about the plan, now all we need to do is to make Ceaser kill Scarlet and Romeo will die eventually. Then with the seduction of Cleopatra, I will murder Ceasor. Then his position will be yours with the help of Cleopatra.

Anthony nodded to Brutus, and the murder executed according to the plan.

But somehow scarlet escaped from Ceasor.

Either way, they killed Ceasor and Romeo and scheduled to take on Scarlet after a few days.

She escaped from Ceasor and went to her mother’s place. With scared eyes filled with tears, she ran and hugged her mom. Scarlet hugged Juliet, and scarlet felt something pierced her stomach and blood is flowing down.

Eventually scarlet died.

Then Juliet left the place and joined with Anthony, Cleopatra, and Brutus after a week of this murder took place. At that time while they were having dinner Cleopatra and Anthony were killed by poison at their food which was implicated by Brutus and Juliet.

Then Brutus and Juliet were planning on to leave to Mexico. They booked a cab for the airport on Wednesday evening. So they packed all their money and dresses, and they erased all the trails carefully. The taxi arrived at 13.50.

They shifted all their things into the cab and told the driver to go to the airport. That cab driving was smooth until the baker street comes. It stopped there and anonymously a man came into the taxi and sat near to the driver.

Both Brutus and Juliet were frightened by that man; they asked who are you in a scared tone of their voice.

That man laughed and said, I’m well known as Jack the Ripper.

He said to the cab driver Shakespeare to drive the cab to Whitechapel street.

Shakespeare nodded him and handed over a gun to his side. He took it and just shot Brutus in the head. The blood splattered on the face of the Juliet, and she was in shock. Her eyes were wide open, and both the cab driver and j.t.ripper laughed like a devil. The cab is on the way to Whitechapel street.

Jack the Ripper hid the body in an old building with the help of Shakespeare, and they took Juliet with them.

But they didn’t know that the whole hiding the body this was seen by Dr.Watson. He then followed the cab, and on the way, he called his buddy Sherlock Holmes to meet him at London Bridge. They both joined and followed the cab. At last, the taxi stopped outside London. It was a countryside filled with huge farm lands.

Both Shakespeare and j.t.ripper took Juliet inside a little home made out of wood.

Now Sherlock and Watson went after them and saw a huge tunnel leads to nowhere. They walked to the end of the tunnel and saw a path which leads to another tunnel which is located down to the tunnel they standing.

They heard footsteps, and they moved fast.

Now Shakespeare and Juliet and Ripper were reached their boat, and they hop onto it to leave the country. They started their boat and moved it from the starting point. Sherlock and Watson saw this, and there was no boat to follow them.

There is no other way to catch them. So they went back.

Those three were happy because they are billionaires now.

Sherlock and Watson went back to their home.

Seeing this evil thing done by Juliet and Shakespeare and ripper, Zeus fired a bolt on their boat and made sure that boat catches fire. Then out of nowhere Hercules came out from the sea and tore apart the boat.

Now all three went into the sea where they got eaten by the sea monster and got what they deserved.

Then Hercules went home to see Zeus and said: “justice served, father.”

Author's note: This story is just a collaboration of some best characters we've known for a very long time. This story based on imagination.
This work is just for fun and not to meant to hurt anyone's feelings. It is more like storytelling. Please read it, and give your opinions or comments about it.

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