Everyone has their own destiny, some started their journey towards it. And some yet to start and some not at all started. Everyone has their own struggle throughout their incredible journey. Some stand up and face it alone. And some need encouragement to do it.

Everyone struggle at various part of their journey. Each will have different aims and ideas to overcome the struggle. Journey’s are incomparable because they are peculiar for everyone.
The journey that i travelling right now will lead me to anywhere. But i have to workout everyday harder in-order to reach the destiny that i set ought to achieve in my future.
It’s common thing that everyone knows that “We all have to work hard to reach our desired destiny”.
But in this world, most people are working hard for some powerful ones. And sooner they forget their own destiny by joining someones journey along the way. By working for them and without any difficulties they make them to reach their destiny.
Only very few are working hard for themselves and they reach their destiny at the end of their journey. 
So do not leave your journey for others and stay on your journey till the end even if you don’t reach your destiny. And if you don’t have a destiny create one and start your journey towards it.
Be different, be unique, be yourself and have patience, by this you will enjoy your journey all time.

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