Siblings And Siblings From Another Mother

You teased me a lot 

but never get tired of it

you fight me a lot 

but it never lasted……

you are like my second mother

who takes care of me every time

we’ll be there for each other

together we face our toughest times…..

love you my birth sister……

you came into my life as my cousin

who made my life more elated

you are my most lovable kin

who made me sophisticated…..

you took care of me every time

in the absence of my second mom

you are like my lovely guardian

but was born from another mother……

i will always love you sister…..

I saw you as a little legend

came into my life as affectionate one

later turned into my best friend

who changed my life into passionate one……

you are so mature than your age

who experienced things more than this idiot

 you become more inevitable page

with whom i never expect things would workout like this

will be always care for you my little sister……

you are my most favorite person

even when  we don’t get to see other a lot

i always have a lot of affection 

but never get to express it even if we met……

from my childhood days

you are the one i most cherished

but distance parted as 

which can never stop my love for you….

you will be always in my heart sister……….

i’m the most luckiest brother

who got types of gems as my sisters

each one of you is so unique

taught me various things about life

i’m blessed i got you all 

will always be there,love you all……..



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