The ProCess Called RePlaceMent

There will be always a replacement of old things

whether it’s a phones or a successful kings

we buy the things which are better

by making the old one’s a bitter

new things can replace the old one physically

but never can replace the old one mentally


In this world where we live

every possible things is replaceable

we all are ready to thrive

into the world where new technology is applicable

which brought us to the hive

where everything is obnoxious to be reliable


Every old things can be replaced

but not the value they possessed

every new things can be bought

but not what the old things thought

we have to gain knowledge from the old

in-order to use it on the one called new


old people, old things, old teachings

are left along the growth of the world

but the thoughts and ideas they gave us

are to be respected ,not to be replaced…….


you can be easily replaced but not the memories you have created……hold on to it..


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