Discovering the little love,kind,care on humanity in this reality world

I was born to a poor family

never can we afford a single time food

my parents stood there forlornly

discovered i was a burden to them


instead they kept me for a certain age

so that i can be able to feed em

up by this work they made me engage

where this notorious man paid me wage


for being his house maid at eight years

made some very little money from this work

packed with a mind full of fears

escaped from them to discover the new world

hoping that i’ll survive in the future


arrived at a unknown place for my survival

spooky dark sky welcomed me with some thunder

sooner the rain hit me from the above

cornered me under a big tree over at the road end

my eyes and mouth were shut by hardened skin

slowly lost my consciousness by the end…..


heard a banging sound of a metallic door

opened my eyes for the first time at that night

he screamed at me caused my head sore

thrown a piece of meat for my dinner

discovered i was kidnapped by a stranger……


hard to eat that piece of meat i got

tears flowed like the Ganges river

my legs were tied to a long iron rod

never expected that i will be here

shredded my dream and heart into pieces

no one there to care for this little human….


they made me to wear a new dress

and also made me to wear make-up

covered my eyes with a thick black cloth

tossed me into a car and it started to move

hard for me to discover what’s happening out there


heard a voice of another man asking about rates

finally able to see to discover that I’ve been sold

he dragged me by my hang while i screamed

can’t able to escape his tight grip

once he released it left a marks on my hand

but that pain was unbearable to this little heart…..


they bought me to make me free

which i realized right after we came home

that place changed me forever

because it helped me to discover

the love and care they shown me

raised me as their child

gave me education and a new life

discovered the humanity and helping mind

is still there because of these forever kind people……


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