Childhood Revisited

The memories that can never be created again

the place that can never be the same again

the path that never can be followed again

in fact, we never be turned into a child again

but it all can be achieved only through memories

that we’ve created by revisiting the childhood….


the first memory comes to my mind

when I had a thought of childhood

is falling down on the roadside

crashing my forehead on the ground

which was filled with sand and stones

for the first time, my blood tasted my native sand…..


it was a pride moment for my blood

but a painful moment for my head

tears also joined the moment with my blood

carried away by my mother’s bless-full hands

to a doctor who had a magical wand

that looks like a syringe which gave me an antibiotic….


had an another moment at my lower kinder garden

where I was the every teacher’s burden

imagined my little belt as a poisonous snake

scared the people in my class by a little shake

never wanted to sleep after the lunch

but faked it so the teachers never got a hunch……


another moment was the award-winning moment

where I walked on the watery steps on my front foot

wearing my sister’s cut-shoe all day long

got slipped from the 20th step at the evening

reached the bottom withing second after the falling

got banged my back of the head throughout the fall……..


never realized the flow of blood till my mom saw

had four stitches on the back of my head

but the front foot walk never disappeared

until today’s age, i always have that walk

every day I cross the path I tend to revisit my childhood

which never leaves my mind till my time ends……….


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