Together As One

we both roam on the streets

during sunset and sunrise

we never care even the time flies

we make fun by a little tease

together as one we loved

we both sit and chat for hours

in the school campus or side of the road

we did each other lot of favors

even without no promises were made

together as one we cared

we went for many camping

never we were scared

by digging the traps to mountain climbing

we got so much explored

together as one we traveled

we had many candlelight dinners

but one was at its finest

that day we turned into dancers

the music was soothing at its best

took out the ring and fall on one knee

locked on your eyes and you took me

as your better half forever for this life

together as one we bonded

we lived a joyful life

smiled a lot than to cry

been there for each-other every second

made this life a lot worth

by being as one in this life

never doubted a single thing

by the love and understanding, we had

as your soul rested so was mine

together as one, we were united……



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