First Crush

It was a very sunny day 

got up from the bed with full of laziness

tried to move away 

but the bed pulls me back to fall asleep

a few minutes later having coffee

getting ready for the school

not for education but for memories 

I ran into the classroom 

sat on a bench and started dreaming

it never felt like the first day after summer vacation

new students came into the room

I was shy to look at them 

but the one caught my eye

bought a smile on my face just by that look 

never felt that I was in 7th grade

whatever she does in the class

I got goosebumps all over me

never I skipped the class 

for one reason it’s her

eventually became as my first crush

she helped me in mathematics

her energy was magnetic

caused current around her because I was copper

the energy kept me smiling always

and that’s the last day I saw her anyways

never met her after I left 

later I heard a news from the past

she was married to a businessman

hope to see her someday

even if I see her again 

wish her good luck for her future, but

it will bring that UN-noticeable smile on my face

like I saw her for the first time……

First Crush


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