In this astonishing incredible world that we live in,there are many things to conquer which can done by insane hard work. Not everyone can easily conquer anything. Only through insane hard work and lovable passion,one can conquer anything. In ancient times the word “conquer” means that occupying a land or place by means of forcing a war on that land or hunting down the enemies to gain their places. It also means  love ,like conquering one’s heart “Romeo conquered Juliet’s heart by his love for her” and a prophet gains people’s heart and support by the god’s messages.

But in this modern society , this word has the same similarity meaning as the ancient times with little advanced cultural minds. Because of this,people in this modern world conquered money,places,slaves,mines,industries etc. All these things are temporary and are not permanent. Because of these they lost permanent things like  peace,happiness,trust and love. Only few are afraid to lose these things and in-order to gain these things every human should follow this.

conquer your heart so that you can be yourself

conquer your mind so that you can stop over-thinking

conquer your body so that you can stop hurting yourself

conquer one’s trust through your kind heart

conquer one’s love through your caring nature

conquer your strength by finding your inner-self

conquer your weakness so that no one can know about it

conquer your aim by your hard work

gain trust through loyalty

gain loyalty by being honest

gain honesty by not lying to yourself

gain yourself through your self-care

gain care by love

gain love by heart

by following these above things, one can find peace through happiness on what they conquered and gained and sure It will stay forever with them and even after they leave earth it stays.


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