The reason behind increasing violence in many parts of the world. How can we prevent such incidents ?

In today’s world, I would say the peace and non-violence are becoming outdated concepts but not completely outdated. There is still some peace left in some places of our world by which the human kindness is still alive. And because of this still people are believing that the world can attain peace even-though they know it won’t happen.

The reason behind increasing violence in many parts of the world

The world we live in is the world that has a price for mostly everything. So at first, we see the reasons behind increasing violence in many parts of the world.

you all may wonder, how come industries and technologies cause violence?. well, let me say how they do it. For example,  let’s take that you wanted to start a soft drink industry near your place and the main thing you need is the water. So you start looking for the source of water supply and finally, you found it. A lake of fresh water which can be used for producing a soft drink. But there is a problem you face, which is that the lake supplies water to 100 acres of agricultural land near to it. If you start your industry near that lake, you have to use water from that lake and which will make the agricultural land to not to have enough water for harvesting crops which leads to destroying it. 

You got two options in your hand.

you have to provide another water source for those agricultural land by which it will have enough water for harvesting or you can just start your industry which will destroy those lands and causes violence between the people and industry.

which one you will choose? I’ll say that you will choose the second option because the only motive for you is to earn money. Because of this, you’ll have to force the people out of those land in-order to destroy it. if they don’t listen to you, either you can buy them or you can kill them which will end in violence.

Also, you may know how Syria is being destroyed and no one gives an eye about that.

Few countries want to take control over them and in-order to do that they are just destroying it by the name of war which is extreme violence.

violence is happening in many places even in front of our eyes it happens. But our “it’s their problem mind we have” blackout us from stopping it.

The real reasons behind the increased violence are manpower, jealousy, castes and the number one source for the violence is the media. Mostly they lie about what’s happening to gain their “Target gaining point” and they don’t care about the consequences caused by them. Those consequences resulting in bullying, sexual harassment, rape, murder etc.

How can we prevent such incidents?

we can’t control such incidents literally. Even if we create awareness among the people about this it will surely take centuries to prevent it from occurring. There are some ways to stop these but it will be hardly followed by the people in today’s world. 

Every electronic gadget has to banned which will never happen.

Every news channels and media which telecast in purpose to initiating violence behavior has to be banned.

Also, there is one thing everyone can do in order to attain peace and stop violence which is every people should help each other without any jealousy or caste differentiation and everyone should be encouraged and loved by one another and be united in every problematic situation. Only through love peace can be attained.And also if people come one as United then there will be no place for a violence to takes place.




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